Hotel & Resort Video Production

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With the continued increase in online advertising, hotels, bed and breakfast and guest houses have discovered the powerful effects the internet video promotion can have on their businesses and directly result on the amount of guests in their rooms.

A Dream Holiday in Greece

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Enjoy peace and space at luxurious villa Eliá, located close to the village of Ano Korakiana. Or book a sailing holiday on board of comfortable sailing yacht.

Marlon Brando’s Private Island Tetiaroa

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The Brando, a luxury eco-resort will feature 35 deluxe bungalow villas on the eponymous actor’s remote private island, ten minutes by air from Tahiti.

Le Morgane Spa, Chamonix Resort, French Alps

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With a swimming pool, steam room and sauna as well three treatment cubicles, Le Morgane Spa team of beauticians will be able to advise you and provide you with all the attention required to ensure your well-being.

A Journey through Berlin in hyper-lapse

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Awesome video - a journey through Berlin.

One day in Barcelona

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Nice video capturing various urban scenes in Barcelona.

Stari Most jumping in Mostar

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Nice video showing historic Mostar and good old tradition of jumping from a bridge.

NightFall in the City if Angels

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Awesome views are shown in this night-time adventure to Los Angeles.

San Diego – America’s Finest Timelapse

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Nice footage visiting various sites in San Diego nicknamed 'America's Finest City'.

Grand Canyon : Blink of Time

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Awesome video capturing the the grandeur of Grand Canyon.

The Last Mission of Endeavour Shuttle

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Nice time lapse of a Endeavour Shuttle being relocated to its new home in Inglewood, California.

Planet Toronto

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Awesome video about Toronto showing its beautiful city views.

Moonwalk – The Ultimate Full Moon Shot

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Great idea and video of full moon raising and a man walking a rope.

New York Biotopes

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Interesting art video exploiting idea of abstract 'plants' living in New York.

New York Rework

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Cool video with a twist showing New York.

Free Fall : Underwater Dive

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Amazing artistic preview of a free dive into the world's deepest blue hole.

Cool Surfing Road Trip in Mexico

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Road trip in Mexico in search of the best surfing spot.

The Spirit of Bahamas

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Great video fully portraying the character of Bahamas.

Cuban Coast

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Great video showing Havana views and natural landscape around the city.

Rio de Janeiro Tour

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Great video capturing some amazing views and places in Rio de Janeiro.

A journey through Peru

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Nice video composed of multitude of shots showing the character of Peru.

Animal Life of The Iberá Wetlands

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Great video about the animal life around The Iberá Wetlands in Argentina.

Thank you, Sri Lanka!

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Short video about my family trip to Sri Lanka. Dedicated to our friends from Sri Lanka, that helped us a lot. We miss you! Shot in Colombo, Galle, Koggala and some different places on Southwest coast of Sri Lanka.

Singapore – the City on the Move

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Awesome time lapse video of Singapore.

The Colors of Kuala Lumpur

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Great video showing the colors and the energy of modern Kuala Lumpur city.

Farewell Hong Kong

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Nice video is taking to Hong Kong streets and showing the city lifestyle.

The Beauty of Urban China: Guangzhou and Shanghai

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Fantastic video of Chinese biggest cities Guangzhou and Shanghai.

Visual traveling – Myanmar

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Great video about Myanmar, its people and religious architecture.

Amazing Skydive Dubai

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Beautiful video capturing parachute jumping in Dubai.

Awesome City Building Parachute Jumping

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Can words describe the feeling of a parachute jumping from a 236 meter building in a city?

The Spirit of Lebanon

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Party video showing the spirit and the character of Lebanese Republic and its people.

Dubai – City On the Move

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A fantastic urban story video of Dubai.

Old Cairo, Egypt

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Old Cairo is so named because it is the oldest part of Cairo, and in fact, predates what is now Cairo. Some Egyptologists believe that there was a settlement here as far back as the 6th century BC. Later, the Romans built a fortress here which we call Babylon. Some of these Roman walls still exist.

Going To Cappadocia,Turkey

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The movie from our (me and my girlfriend) 3 weeks trip to Turkey. This time we have company during the whole journey... Places visited: Oludeniz, Marmaris, Dilek, Kusadasi, Cesme, Izmir, Efez, Cappadocia (Kayseri, ...

The Maghreb & The Spirit of Morocco

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Morocco is a country that awakens in the photographer a desire for adventure.

Time-lapse Journey in Cotonou

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Nice time-lapse video portraying Cotonou, Benin.

Seychelles Islands

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Nice teaser video about Seychelles showing its warm and inviting settings.

Kauai Island Fun Activities

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Nice video exploring Kauai Island through a range of fun activities.

Sydney’s Toy Boats

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Nice video showing various views and activities of the Sydney coast.

Full Moon Silhouettes

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Awesome video showing the full moon raising over the horizon in Wellington, New Zealand.

Sydney Metropolitan Rail Network Commuting

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Interesting video showing busy life of Sydney metropolitan rail network.

Kauai Garden Isle Gettaway

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Quality video of a trip to beautiful Kauai island in Hawaii.

Hawaiian Island of Maui – a Paradise on Earth?

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Great teaser showing the natural beauty of Maui Island in Hawaii.

Beautiful Antarctica

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March 2012, Antarctica, Canon 7D, Panasonic Lumix TS2, icebergs, penguins, whales...

Antarctica – Land of Ice

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Antarctica was the last, 7th continent I visited and dove. Kind of a last stop on a journey called "Earth". But in fact the journey never ends...