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Whereas elegant Rio de Janeiro and cosmopolitan São Paulo may be the best-known places in Brazil, the Northeast, or Nordeste is one of the liveliest – a land of sunny beaches, colonial towns, vibrating street parties, music and friendly people.

Ive been wanting to go north for a while and am thankful to Michael, who live in São Paulo as well, for planning this trip. I met up with him in Praia da Pipa and went northward hitting Natal, Fortaleza and Jericoacoara. We spent most of our time in Pipa and Jeri learning how to surf (im hooked), buggy riding, horse riding or just hanging out with great new friends.

There is nothing better than exploring beautiful landscapes while meeting awesome people. nothing better

I want to emphasize that this was a piece on my travel and the people I met. This is not intended to entirely represent the locations themselves…just my trip, what I did and what I saw! Thanks!

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