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For years, Vieste was just another fishing villagуб but now it’s a popular Mediterranean beach destination. Swim and sail in deep-blue water (widely renowned for its purity), or explore the town’s fine castle and cathedral.

Vieste is a small, steep, cobbled town, spilling down the hillside above the sea. It’s the Gargano capital and sits above the area’s most spectacular beach, a gleaming wide strip backed by sheer white cliffs and overshadowed by the towering Scoglio di Pizzomunno, a rock monolith. It’s packed in summer and almost closed in the low season.

The region’s biggest tourist resort, partly because of its long, sandy beach, also has a picturesque old town on a rocky peninsula. One should definitely see the 11th century cathedral which was erected above the ancient Temple of Vesta which gave the town its name.

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