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Part of that was the West Highland Way which we started the other way round from Fort William in the beginning of April against the mainstream going north crowd at that busy easter time.

Fortunately our brave decision was rewarded with sunshine and beautiful weather during the last two days, after we camped in nice rainy weather in Glen Nevis, Kinlochleven, Kingshouse and Bridge of Orchy.

Since we took only half the route, which was only 20-25km a day, we had enough time to roam around and “climb-race” Allt Orain. Led by the sun into the clouded ski
The best of the story is that we travelled with a 10 and a 25 Pound tent, which had to withstand storm and rain; and on top of that: made us want to get up the next day to hopefully dry up a little bit.

Although we had the chance to cheat a bit in that extend, warming up in the Pubs with a pint in the evenings, chatting with my dad and his friend who preferred dry and properly roofed accommodation.


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