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A short collection of timelapse sequences I shot this summer in my vacations (2 weeks), Lesvos, Serifos, Athens

The lush, green island of Lesvos, or Mytilini, is like no other Greek island. It is the third largest of the islands in Greece behind Crete and Evia. Virtually unaffected by the mass tourism that has turned other islands into amusement parks, Lesvos is the perfect place to visit for people who want to experience the real Greece.

Looking for an unspoiled Greek island with some of the most beautiful beaches in Greece, an amazing hora, great food and few tourists? Serifos could be the place.

The establishment of the city of Athens is lost in a mythological past. Among European cities, Athens is the oldest one and the one with the longest history. This history is still evident in the buildings and monuments of today’s Greek capital.

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