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Nice video of a tranquil historic town of Camerino in Italy.

The travel video explores the architecture and ornate designs of old buildings in Camerino, takes on a journey through old town’s streets, as well as sharing some fantastic views of the flatland spread around town.

You are invited to spend a weekend in Camerino, not only during the COURTYARD IN FLOWERS event but also at other times of the year.

Its location at a height of 700 meters makes it an ideal place from April to October but the winter months have their attraction too, especially for those who in spite of the cold like to walk and enjoy the snowy landscapes of the Sibillini.
The slanted light of winter also offers photography buffs a feast of opportunities for wonderful shots.

The whole territory of Camerino and its surroundings are rich in historical and artistic treasures ready to surprise the visitor with the pleasure of unexpected discovery. As a city of pre-Roman origins Camerino has a long story to tell to those who take pleasure in listening.

The worn sandstone of the medieval buildings comes alive in many places at dusk and dawn when from the white and pink limestone there emerge thousands of pinpricks of light coming from rock-salt crystals hidden in the stone, while the wind, as it wends its way along the small streets, carries with it voices and fragrances from far away.

Nature and art, but also one of the oldest universities in Italy founded in 1336 that every year opens its doors to students from Italy and abroad.
The art, the landscape, the folklore, from medieval festivals to celebrate the patron saint San Venancio, the seasonal fairs, the season of plays and concerts, the world’s longest nougat.

Last on the list but top in pleasure are the gastronomic specialities: mushrooms and truffles, aromatic spirits, preserved meats (including the famous ‘ciabuscolo’), cheese, saffron, homemade thin pasta that goes very well with simple sauces from the old tradition (not to mention ‘vincisgrassi’?), all these invite you to relaxation and to refresh yourself.

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