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Three Minutes in Peru: Culinary Surftrip Show

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Follow Cozy and Jo on their search for perfect waves and meals through Central- and South America.

Magical Peru

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Peru is a country that has it all. Its ancestral heritage gives us the chance to admire countless archaeological treasures. Its land is covered with amazing natural and pristine areas, preserving most of the biodiversity of the world in just one country.

Rio de Janeiro Tour

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Great video capturing some amazing views and places in Rio de Janeiro.

A journey through Peru

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Nice video composed of multitude of shots showing the character of Peru.

Animal Life of The Iberá Wetlands

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Great video about the animal life around The Iberá Wetlands in Argentina.

Bolivia – Nature and Culture

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Bolivia Awaits is a teaser trailer presenting and inviting to explore Bolivia.

The Magic of Yucatan

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This video shows animal life and other random places in Yucatan, Mexico.

Titicaca – On Top Of The World

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Great video about a trip to one of the highest situated lakes in the world.

South Brazil

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Great time-lapse video - a fine blend of Brazilian urban and rural life.

Patagoinia calling

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Great video showing the natural beauty of remote southern area of South America.

Buenos Aires Rollo Coaster Inception Park

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Great video about rollo coaster and Argentinian capital city of Buenos Aires.

Ischigualasto, Moon Valley, San Juan, Argentine

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Ischigualasto is a geological formation and a natural park associated with it in the province of San Juan, north-western Argentina, near the border with Chile.

The Northeast of Brazil – Pure Fun

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Whereas elegant Rio de Janeiro and cosmopolitan São Paulo may be the best-known places in Brazil, the Northeast, or Nordeste is one of the liveliest - a land of sunny beaches, colonial towns, vibrating street parties, music and friendly people.

Amazing Rio de Janeiro Time Lapse

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Rio de Janeiro is the second largest city in Brazil, on the South Atlantic coast. Rio is famous for its breathtaking landscape, its laidback beach culture and its annual carnival.

Absolutely Amazing Colombia

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Last month our team had the opportunity to film the absolutely amazing country of Colombia, a place often misunderstood outside its national borders.

Trip Across the Andes Mountains and Altiplano

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The Andes is the longest continental mountain range in the world. It is a continual range of highlands along the western coast of South America.

Uncontacted Amazon Tribe: First Ever Aerial Footage

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For the first time, extraordinary aerial footage of one of the world's last uncontacted tribes has been released. Survival's new film, narrated by Gillian Anderson, has launched our campaign to help protect the earth...