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Camerino – Italian Historic Treasure

Added by 4 years ago

1.74K Views2 Comments

Nice video of a tranquil historic town of Camerino in Italy.

Georgia Postcard time-lapse

Added by 4 years ago

1.36K Views1 Comments

Nice time-lapse with various video effects about Georgia.

Musical Trip to Kaunas

Added by 4 years ago

601 Views1 Comments

Nice video showing the old architecture in Kaunas, Lithuania.

Running with Bulls Tradition

Added by 4 years ago

615 Views1 Comments

An excerpt of running with bulls tradition in Spain.

Simple and Beautiful Amsterdam

Added by 5 years ago

1.02K Views1 Comments

Seventeenth-century buildings. Joint-smoking alien sculptures. Few cities meld history with modern urban flair like Amsterdam.

Time & Motion – Tallinn, Helsinki, Bratislava, Berlin

Added by 5 years ago

764 Views0 Comments

Time lapse and slow motion experiments shot during summer trips in Europe.

Unusual Macedonia

Added by 5 years ago

1.18K Views0 Comments

Macedonia is a country of sacred mysteries & unique beauties, that has no sea access, no world-wide known ski resorts, but Macedonia has wonderful lakes, untouched mountains, great history & wealthy cultural heritage.

Postcard from Santorini

Added by 4 years ago

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Great video showing the beauty of Greek island of Santorini.

More Yachting Greece Adventures

Added by 2 years ago

396 Views0 Comments

Group of new friends went in Greece for sailing adventures.

The Hotel Au Vieux Panier – Panic Room

Added by 5 years ago

1.59K Views0 Comments

The Hotel Au Vieux Panier invites its guests to sleep in an ephemeral work of art, changing room design every year.

Roman landmarks in Rome

Added by 4 years ago

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This time lapse video shows all the splendour of Italian capital ruins belonging to Roman era.

Train Ride: Fast Forward

Added by 4 years ago

595 Views0 Comments

Interesting video shot from the back of the train Berlin - Prague.

Aquardens – New Thermal Park in Valpolicella, Italy

Added by 5 years ago

872 Views0 Comments

Every detail of Aquardens was carefully thought to welcome and pamper guests into the amazing and unique landscape of Valpolicella.

Dubrovnik – The Town that Never Changes

Added by 4 years ago

729 Views0 Comments

Nice video of a beautiful historic town of Dubrovnik in Croatia.

Midnight Sun, Iceland

Added by 5 years ago

827 Views0 Comments

Midnight Sun: A natural phenomenon occurring in the summer months north of the Arctic Circle and south of the Antarctic Circle where the sun never fully sets and remains visible 24 hours a day. This short time laps...

Londres – London Walks

Added by 4 years ago

869 Views0 Comments

Take a walk around London, and see what the Capital has to offer - there's lots to explore and some great walks connecting them.

Monaco – Chill Out City

Added by 4 years ago

511 Views0 Comments

Great video showing life around the harbour and streets of Monaco.

Travel Where You Live: Saxony

Added by 2 years ago

597 Views0 Comments

Interesting view on local travel. Traveling throughout Saxony, federal state of Germany.

Summer Walking in Europe: Krakow, Bratislava, Vienna and Venice

Added by 5 years ago

6.77K Views0 Comments

Long family car trip through cities: Krakow, Bratislava, Vienna, Venice.

Lines of Lofoten Bike Ride

Added by 4 years ago

472 Views0 Comments

Quality video showing the thrills of a dirt bike downhill adventure.

Striking Czech Scenery time-lapse

Added by 4 years ago

535 Views0 Comments

Amazing time-lapse showing the beauty of Czech Republic.

Paris In Motion

Added by 5 years ago

1.40K Views0 Comments

Paris is known for its famous buildings and works of art, its chic fashion scene and its modern literary, artistic, and intellectual ideals, and is a must for anyone wishing to experience the best of both contemporary and age old European culture.

Around Iceland in 7 Days

Added by 4 years ago

579 Views0 Comments

Car video camera captures all the beauty of Iceland during a road trip.

Lombardy Italy: Milan – Lecce – Como

Added by 4 years ago

774 Views0 Comments

Nice video exploring the Lombardy region of Italy.

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