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Hawaiian Island of Maui – a Paradise on Earth?

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Great teaser showing the natural beauty of Maui Island in Hawaii.

Water & Rocks, New Zealand

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New Zealand, South Island

Hawaii Volcanoues

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Great time lapse video depicting one the most exciting outbursts of nature - volcanic eruption.

Ocean Pool at North Narrabeen, Sydney, Australia

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If you want to have a beautiful swim, take memorable photos, explore some rock pools visit the Ocean Pool at North Narra.

Special Dancing Mud Drama Performance

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Nice video of dancing mud drama unfolding before your eyes from geysers of New Zealand.

Australia’s South West Region

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Australia's South West region is a pristine environment of forests, beaches, farmland, and river systems.

Amazing Nature of New Zealand

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Great video exploring the beauty depths of New Zealand's natural world.

Diving in Vanuatu

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Vanuatu is also home to several best-in-the-world experiences that very few people know about: a shipwrecked luxury liner, active vulcano, cascading waterfalls, culture and dances, primitive villages, beaches and diving.

Diving and Swimming on Island of Kauai, Hawaii

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Meet the sparkling blue waters of the Pacific Ocean, about 20 minutes by air from Honolulu. Formed some six million years ago, the island encompasses roughly 550 square miles and is the oldest and northernmost of the main Hawaiian Islands.

Kauai Garden Isle Gettaway

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Quality video of a trip to beautiful Kauai island in Hawaii.

Whitehaven Beach, Whitsunday Island, Australia

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A series of aerial shots from above Whitehaven Beach, Hill Inlet on Whitsunday Island, in the Whitsunday region of tropical north Queensland, Australia.

Sydney Metropolitan Rail Network Commuting

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Interesting video showing busy life of Sydney metropolitan rail network.

Marlon Brando’s Private Island Tetiaroa

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The Brando, a luxury eco-resort will feature 35 deluxe bungalow villas on the eponymous actor’s remote private island, ten minutes by air from Tahiti.

Full Moon Silhouettes

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Awesome video showing the full moon raising over the horizon in Wellington, New Zealand.

A Month in Australia, East Coast

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The East Coast Australia is probably one of the most visited stretches of coastline and quite frankly, it deserves to be.

Sydney’s Toy Boats

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Nice video showing various views and activities of the Sydney coast.

Surprise Dolphin Visit, Wellington Harbour, New Zealand

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A massive pod of dolphins come to visit Wellington Harbour, much to the surprise of the locals.

Kauai Island Fun Activities

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Nice video exploring Kauai Island through a range of fun activities.

Sydney Day Out

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Exciting travel journey video in Sydney, Australia.

Stunning Waves of Tahiti

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Share with us the Tahitian waves, this film will take your breath away!

New Life at Kauai Island

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A short time lapse video of Kauai Island in Hawaii.

AUSTRALIA – The Eagle Eye

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Beautiful video about Australia from an eagle's eye.