Added by on 2013-03-03

The Southeast Asia adventure continues as we train northwards towards Laos.

Before we left I decided I would intensively document the trip shared with my best mates. I carried my Canon 550D (T2i), 2 lenses and monopod everywhere. Very rarely did the others see me without it. At the end of the amazing journey I was left with 8.5 hours of footage (with an average clip length at about 10 seconds) and thousands of photos. Going through it all is amazing, but incredibly tiring. Deciding what to trash and keep is even harder.

After briefly experiencing Bangkok, we had two weeks ahead of us in Central and Southern Laos. First up was backpacker’s favourite, Vang Vieng where activities were fundamental (according to one of my fellow travellers). This would be the last time I would see my brand new HD Gopro due to a combination of alcohol and the famous Mekong River.

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